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There is nothing like the power of the coaching space.


EYP Coaching supports and empowers you to step into your truth. We help you to look at all aspects of who you are and create a space of trust, connection and honesty, as we work on building the awareness around where you are at and start to transition into what you want to be doing. 


Hattie Green is your signature Empowerment Coach, providing you with a powerful kickstart to create clarity in all aspects of your life & open your eyes to new possibility. 


One of the greatest struggles in todays society is being stuck, not knowing how to bring all the potential and power inside to the surface so that you can completely transform your life.


Another is conditioning. In a world full of comparison, judgment, looking outside of ourselves for external validation & acting or making decisions based on what we think we ‘should’ be doing; EYP Coaching helps to give you back the courage to delve into the things you want to do, the person you want to be. To give you the tools to break away from anything and everything that’s ever held you back in order to lead a happier, more fulfilled & aligned life.


The Embrace Your Power 1-1 online coaching space is initially a 6 week commitment, with Coach Hattie Green, at £750. This includes 6 x 60 minute sessions, which breaks up into a consistent 1 hour a week across the 6 week period.


If you are open and willing to commit to the space, so much can happen in an hour through the power of conversation; Insights, breakthroughs, growth, truth.


Our mind & our thoughts create everything; Our emotions, our actions, our reality. When our thoughts are serving us, everything else has a knock on effect!

EYP Coaching gives you the value and knowledge to get from where you are, to where you want to be. Unlocking your potential, challenging paradigms, reframing old beliefs & creating strategies that align with YOU to achieve the success you look for in life.  



 60 mins to work through anything you wish to bring to the session, or to simply chat and see what happens!


"How glad I am that I did these sessions is quite difficult to put into words. I cant quite believe what I have learnt about myself and more importantly the value of such an experience. Hattie was fabulous from the first second at building a rapport with me. We were able to explore all manner if topics and I gained a great sense of belief in my own ability and confidence in achieving the long term targets I have in my life!" - 1-1 Client Simon Leman

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