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Offering you a little more than a tasty slice of Cheesecake

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

As I sit down to write, I have been muddled in my mind of how to start, where to start, what to write as my first ever blog. I have this desire to write, but have been telling myself and others the same thing, ‘I haven’t written anything since school’, ‘I’m not even sure if I can write’. Truth – this is in-fact bullshit. For the past year I have read books, listened to audios, and filled more notebooks than ever. So yes, I have written. And when I looked back at all my scribbles of madness, there was quite a lot of magic woven in-between.

But today, I will start with a common understanding; we have just been through a Shitstorm of a year.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go into the political ins and outs, opinion on the vaccine, ram down your throat the madness that’s going on in the world (mainly because I don’t actually have a fucking clue or take any interest in the news, media, propaganda - and mainly because when I do my mind spirals into fear, uncertainty and anxiety) So I choose not to listen and let this affect me. I choose to stay in my lane, focused, inspired and motivated by my vision and purpose. What I need to know, I will find out. And even then, I will choose whether I act on that or not. Simple as that – or is it?

As Jack Cranfield says in his book ‘The Success Principles’, ‘You must take 100% responsibility for your life’… No, you don’t like this concept, do you? Because it then all falls on you. You are questioning it right now aren’t you? Making all the excuses you can in your head as to why you are not 100% responsible. And yes, it’s hard hitting because naturally we want to, and it’s far easier to, judge and put blame on other humans or external factors for the reasons we are where we are. But you, and only you can choose/control how you react, and whether you believe it or not, in my opinion how you react shapes your life; where you are right now, where you’re going.

So, I ask you this, and this is where our journey starts together… as you are 100% responsible, if you could be, do and have anything you want in life (which you can) what would that look like?

My blogs will be whatever inspires me, or I feel passionate about writing in the moment. They absolutely may contain strong language, things that get you thinking about your own life, things you may not want to but need to hear. I am here for no other reason than to inspire you in the direction of your dreams and goals. To offer a certain perspective you may not have looked at before, or as reassurance you are on the right track. I am here to offer you a little more than a tasty slice of cheesecake.


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