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niu consultancy & CHAT Global were founded by Physco-spiritual Therapist, Charlotte Austin. After extensive training with Charlotte & graduating as a qualified Life Coach, I began working as the ‘Empowerment Coach’ with these global, highly reputable, companies.


niu is a well-being consultancy with a simple mission: Support people to create powerful relationships with themselves, others and nature. Private Coaching with niu helps you to look at all aspects of who you are. We make practical plans to bridge the gap between where you are and where you'd like to be.


CHATs magic formula is made up of 4 profound and integril values; Connection, Honesty, Authenticity & Trust. At CHAT we have a long history of working with corporate clients from companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Boots, Channel 4, HSBC.

‘We work together to align your beliefs and behaviours so that what you think and feel match what you say and do. This is living in alignment; where peace, prosperity and purpose comes from being self-aware, accepting and authentic.’

I have 10 spaces available for 1 to 1 coaching. Enquire here:

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