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Hattie Green

Hattie Green is an Entrepreneur, Coach with CHAT Global & nui consultancy & Founder of Embrace your Power Global.


She believes her background and training in performing, from a young age attending Birmingham Royal Ballet as an associate, to being a student at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, has been the foundation of her discipline and consistency in everything she does. But while she learnt a lot through these experiences, she has also had to go through a big process of unlearning a lot too, in order to evolve and grow.


Hattie is highly introspective & is passionate in all things she decides to do. She inspires people and gives them the courage to delve into their mission and purpose, and break away from anything and everything that has ever held them back. To show up authentically as their true and honest selves in order to lead a happier & more fulfilled life. She has a huge vision and is taking massive action towards her mission and purpose in empowering others to 'be all that they are and more'.



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